Soulkitchen also undertakes mission work outside Canada.  We have been travelling to Malaysia for over 20 years. At home in Penang we work with many churches to assist with their outreach and evangelistic programs.  We usually teach and train when we are visiting and assist wherever is needed. We also travel to Southern India when time and finances permit. In the past we have taken teams on outreach and visited the sick and poor both in India and Southern Africa. 

Our message is the same message wherever we go - hospitality and friendship are some of our best resources to give to others. 

We have been mentoring and financially assisting a small school group in Penang for the past five years.  We counsel the leaders and connect with the children. The children are a highlight for us whenever we visit Penang. The Orang Asli (indigenous Malaysians) communities like many native people have suffered years of injustice and prejudice. Our friends at have committed their lives to serving these children and parents. We support them any way we can. 

We also continue our connection with partners in Australia. Fount of Life Ministries in Forrestfield Western Australia is a continuing donor towards our work. We are very grateful. 

Please donate to this work through The Great Commission Foundation and receive a tax receipt.  Donations will ensure that we can continue our overseas work.