The Vision

Our vision for Vancouver is to use the resources that we have been given to service the needs of the poor and lonely in the downtown area of Vancouver. We prepare our meals in a well-equipped commercial kitchen in the city centre of Vancouver. We provide good food for the tenant population of the More Than a Roof social housing buildings, assist other community programs and also serve meals on the street. We are training our tenants, not only in kitchen skills but also creating teams of out of this marginalized group to serve others. We see this as a fabulous tool and part of their recovery process. Giving dignity and leadership opportunities back within their reach. We have many examples of healing that happens when, amidst our brokenness, we give out to others in need. Donations received allow us to expand our services to more and more of those living in poverty in our city. We believe that by investing in areas of hospitality, service, training in practical and confident communication we will become a healthier and more vibrant community. Our purpose is to come alongside organisations, churches and individuals moving in that direction – igniting a passion to become the most effective you can be by serving others.


The History

 During over 15 years of full-time ministry, we have been working out ways to effectively reach out to the needy in our community.  With a great passion for the poor and the disadvantaged, we built an outreach centre in Perth, Australia.  We started cooking from home and from these humble beginnings we saw a vibrant ministry grow. Very importantly we were able to activate a church community to ‘do the stuff’ to which we are all called. We created a place with great food, a mid-week church service, fellowship with friends and conversations with caring volunteers who offer friendship, help and hope.

Now we are based in Vancouver, Canada. We have five children. Two of them live in Western Australia. James with his wife, Caitlin, and our grand-daughters, Giselle and Bridget, live in the Margaret River region. Our second son Henry and his wife, Malika, live in Perth. Our youngest boys, Pascal and Noah live and work in Vancouver. Our daughter, Nina, is pursuing a career in acting and is living in Sydney.  Hannes is originally from Switzerland where he gained his chef’s qualification before migrating to Australia. We both have hospitality training and have lived in Canada, Sweden and Switzerland while working in the hospitality industry.  We were privileged to serve in a pastoral capacity in Perth under the leadership of Pastor John McElroy for 14 years. In 2010 we took this vision of Soulkitchen to Vancouver. We continue to enjoy working with our partners and friends in ministry in Malaysia and visit there at least once per year. We are both ordained Ministers of Religion and are accredited with the Christian Ministers Association here in Canada.

Hannes and Louise