Karis Karis How Does Your Garden Grow?

A garden provides one of those 'more than food' opportunities in the middle of the concrete canvas of downtown. We are always on the look out to add value to our work - to be more than a provider of meals but to go after that immeasurable add-on - the soul part of kitchen. How can we set the table with more than just the consumables?

Our partnership ith More Than A Roof provides so much as our work continually dove-tails. They also want to be more than housing providers - they, too, seek the 'more'. 

The garden under the caring 'gloves' of Nellie is one such project. The housing piece is decorated and made more like a home in the city with the garden on the back porch. It is with a special sense of provision that the greens hit the buffet table. This is now the season again. The run of warm days spelling an early start to summer harvests.

All for the purpose of creating communities where ‘ people blossom in the city like the grasses of the field’.Psalm 76:16