Looking through a $5 pair of binoculars

Someone once said that when we get pre-occupied with just knowing stuff about God our spiritual lives become a bit like trying to view the galaxies through a pair of $5 binoculars.  In subtle ways convention wants to teach the 'believer/seeker' what to look for instead of how to look.  We put ourselves in spaces that speaks things into our ears instead of teaching us how to hear.  We are shown the best place to buy a new pair of glasses, instead of being led somewhere so that we can take in a view for ourselves.  The motives are good and are birthed from a hierarchical system that wants to pass on knowledge and experience.  The church likes to work out of this father/son model.  The majority are happy with this - they feel comfortable and safe with someone in leadership giving them all the answers.  We like the duality of good versus evil and black and white theology.  We want order, controlled order, even though we read the gospels and know that Jesus created havoc and social messes. We are praised when we know stuff and are seen to be reflecting back the words of our 'teachers'.  But the prophetic, instead creates futures that don’t seem ordered or sometimes sensible. We often aren't meant to tread in the steps of our forefathers.  We all long for the mentors, the fathers, the elders who will encourage, listen and promote rather than only to teach and direct. 

Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. NLT Romans 12:2


I went to a Writers Festival a few years ago and learnt about the rather fragile relationships between author, editor, publisher and publicist. The sessions were chaired by national experts in all these fields. It is a tough business and many fail.  The writer has to be prepared for their precious work to be restructured,analysed and changed all for the sake of sales. Everyone wanted a bestseller.  God, instead is looking for the 'voice in the desert'. A new voice telling the story.  The world is looking for the new voice.