The window that looks into ourselves. The looking glass. The mirror. Whatever it is. Mine needs some Windex treatment. A light spray and a soft cloth.

Not a clean offered by man.  I am too savvy and suspicious for that. The spray of faint praise and flattery - any value in that was ruined long ago.

We need desperately to know from God that He loves us. He sees. He cleans us up.

Young people - hell all of us - are asking for validation from the world about us - asking repeatedly for value from others, when it is our father, THE Father, who has jumped over everything and demonstrated that he is our biggest fan. How do we believe this?  How!

Today I find it easier to believe. I choose to see myself like this - 

Me - Artist not worker

Me - Lover not servant

Me - Creator not engineer 

Easier on my heart and easier to believe He could love that.