When you see another year approaching you might choose to ignore the fact that there is an open window right in front of you to see a fresh opportunity for growth and wellbeing. I’m not one, for setting new year’s resolutions lightly, just because it hasn’t worked out for the majority of people, it just doesn’t work out without a concrete plan and strategy.

New year’s solutions are usually faded away by mid-march and we’re longing for the spring or summer to bring perhaps the change we do desperately wanting. We tend to look to the sun and warm weather to show us the way forward in life. I’m learning to set goals into my daily routine which are helping me to stay on track and achieve actually the changes I like to see for my life, even if the sun doesn’t shine. “Embracing the New” is something I take seriously and I’ve built a four-word strategy around it. I liken it to scaffolding erected to ensure that my house is going to be built for 2018 and beyond. 

I’d like to share those four words with you, in the hope that you can benefit from it and build your life around it also.




...staying focused and speak out what you’re hoping to achieve, being determined to pursue your set out goals, no matter how small or insignificant they might seem to others. This is about you.





...walking and staying active, not only physically, but training your mind and soul by reading & learning is so important for our wellbeing.





... trying out new ways to connect with the community around you with wellness & friendship in mind is vital. “Less fear” simply just “giving it a go” will pay off.




... freedom is something we all long for -  free of any bondage, any unhealthy attachments, habits and friendships. We will recognize it  when we are FREE from all that clutter we carry. You’re not alone in this and there is help available to chisel off that “hard crust” and embrace the NEW LIFE for you..


You are in my prayers  

Chef Hännes