Serving as Empowerment


Perhaps the most satisfying part of our mission here in Vancouver is the opportunity to empower others. The food program is a great platform where those who feel powerless can be empowered. People sit together and enjoy a meal around the ‘family’ table. They gain friendships and good conversation. CONFIDENCE GROWS. Others join the kitchen brigade and learn skills and, as they find more purpose, they discover a renewed sense of dignity. CONFIDENCE GROWS. They join a team that takes meals out to the streets and serves the very poor and marginalized. This serves to build compassion and a healthy social context. CONFIDENCE GROWS.

It is a beautiful thing to see God at work as men and women are being transformed out of a place of hopelessness and disconnect. Together with our partners at More Than A Roof, we are equipped to provide the support and opportunities for empowerment to takes root and for people to flourish.