'Business' tips

Urban Barn’s Rich Bohonis’ three best business tips are good and can be translated well into our life in the spirit.

1.       Be prepared to change.  No-one ever told me this one when I was exploring the gateway to my own faith. It was all language of faithfulness, steadfastness and perseverance. In reality we do have to be prepared to change our spiritual positions as we are enlightened and learn.

2.       Focus on the next purchase. Bohonis says ‘if the client is happy with the purchase, they are going to come back for something else’.  Translated for the evangelist in me – be nice. Be invitational not demanding and people might just hang around our places of worship. Back off.


3.       Employees show up on the expense side of the income statement , but they are an asset , not a liability. Bohonis has 500 employees in his Urban Barn flock. How much more should we love and care for those around us. Not seeing others as a threat or a burden but as ours, given to love – others given to enrich us. 

                Thanks Rick!